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FE Exam Training Instructional Designer, Tom Tolfa
Morgan Griffith, P.E.

Morgan Griffith has taught FE and PE review courses and has assisted hundreds of students pass the FE and PE exams. He also teaches courses around the United States on topics related to earthquake engineering and structural failure. His students have appreciated his exam-centric approach as well as the real world examples that Mr. Griffith brings to the classroom.

Mr. Griffith is a licensed civil engineer and has practiced civil engineering since 1999, both in the United States and in the Netherlands. He is currently a Managing Engineer in Exponent¹s Buildings and Structures practice, where his work focuses on evaluating damage to structures, as well as assessing the risk of damage to structures.  He obtained his BS degree in civil engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and his MS degree in structural engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

FE Exam Training Instructional Designer, Tom Tolfa
Mark McNeely, P.E.

Mark McNeely is a Managing Engineer in Exponent’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science practice. He has over ten years of experience in an array of areas involved in electrical engineering ranging from communication systems, electromagnetics, and circuit design. He currently is registered Professional Electrical Engineer with the State of California, and is affiliated with several professional organizations, including the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and the National Association of Fire Investigators.

He has authored various publications and conducted numerous presentations in connection with his various areas of expertise. In addition, he has served as a peer reviewer for Health Physics and Radiation Research. His academic credentials include a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2001.  Mr. McNeely enjoys working on multi-disciplinary teams where he can explain to others complex technical aspects in a variety of electrical engineering related topics.

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FE Exam Instructor, Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew, P.E.

Stephen Andrew has been a registered professional engineer for over 25 years. He has successfully taught FE and PE exam review courses to thousands of students from various backgrounds (including engineers, physicists, and even a lawyer!) over the last two decades. Through his in-class and online teaching experiences, Mr. Andrew has applied an exam-centric instructional approach that identifies  the topics students struggle with the most, and applies novel teaching strategies (such as the PaST - Pressure and Saturation Temperature technique in thermodynamics) to help students through these troublesome topics.  He has incorporated these techniques into the robust elearning courses that comprise the Capstone curriculum.

Mr. Andrew has BSME and MSME degrees from Purdue University and is a registered professional engineer in California and Texas.  He has published numerous technical papers and is a past winner of the American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s Pressure Vessels and Piping Division best paper award and has won American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics’ paper competitions. He is an internationally-renowned speaker on various aspects of engineering and has published numerous scientific papers, co-authored books and written chapters of review manuals for the professional engineers exam.

When not teaching engineering review courses, he is a Principal Engineer at Exponent, where he both analyzes failures and assists clients design against failure.  He has testified in more than 60 depositions and appeared as an expert witness in over a dozen trials.  He particularly enjoys the trial experience where he has the opportunity to communicate complex technical concepts to lay people.

FE Exam Training Instructional Designer, Tom Tolfa
Thomas Tolfa, Learning Strategist

Tom Tolfa combines Professional Engineering exam review education expertise with over twelve years of eLearning design and implementation, including extensive work as a Learning Strategist for eLearning pioneer, DigitalThink. Tom’s eLearning courses, focused on performance-based strategies that drive user-centric impact, have garnered Brandon Hall awards.  Having spent nine years as a general manager for a classroom-based engineering exam review training company, Tom co-founded Capstone Learning Associates in order to help bring a best in class eLearning exam preparation solution to engineers. Blending engineering exam expertise with eLearning best practices and tutor support, the exam-centric FE review program targets the individual learner’s preparatory needs, offering a learning experience unmatched by the more traditional, and more generalized, classroom delivery.

FE Exam Training Multimedia Developer, Michael Roberts
Michael Sperry Roberts, Media Services

Michael Roberts has spent the last 15 years working in the Learning and HRO industry, servicing over 200 clients across a wide spectrum of vertical industries. He has extensive experience designing and implementing custom learning solutions, ranging in scope from standalone blended training programs to enterprise solutions that include strategic consulting services, learning administration, and the provisioning of learning technologies.

Michael began his career with DigitalThink, a pioneer in the eLearning space, where, as a Creative Director, he focused primarily on interface, multimedia, usability, and informational design. He has an excellent knowledge of--and direct experience working with--standard industry design, development, and delivery tools, as well as a strong grasp of instructional design theory and implementation. Michael understands the interdependent relationship between visual design, instructional design, and technology, and excels in crafting holistic training solutions that provide consumer value and drive learner performance. Those intersecting principles can be found interwoven throughout the Capstone Review curriculum.

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FE Exam Training Instructional Designer, Tom Tolfa
Meredith Sellers, Ph.D.

Dr. Meredith Sellers is a Managing Engineer in Exponent’s Materials and Corrosion Engineering Practice, where she aids clients with materials analysis and incident/accident investigation, particularly as they relate to oil and gas pipelines, chemical process safety, and consumer and industrial electronics. She is currently a registered Professional Chemical Engineer in California and Minnesota. Meredith enjoys engineering outreach and, in addition to being a former National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, has been an active member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at the local and national level since 2001.

Meredith earned her B.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), respectively. Her research expertise lies in the synthesis and characterization of nano-structured materials for microelectronics and energy storage devices. While at UIUC, she managed an educational “Chemistry and Transport in Microelectronics Materials Synthesis” laboratory focused on teaching key semiconductor processing operations from an integrated chemical engineering perspective. Dr. Sellers has also co-authored a textbook entitled “Charged semiconductor defects:  Structure, thermodynamics, and diffusion,”  which details the state of knowledge regarding ionized defects in Group IV, III-V, and oxide semiconductors, particularly as they relate to  integrated circuit processing.

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