Fundamentals of Engineering CBT Review Curriculum

Unlike other FE review programs that attempt to re-engineer old review material to match the new exam format and topics, the Capstone online FE CBT Review Curriculum was designed and developed specifically for the FE CBT exam. The topics correspond directly to the CBT topics. In this online training format, you will learn in the same computer-based environment you will use when you take the exam. And, Capstone’s own RIGOR solution methodology replicates the same problem-solving process and tools you’ll use on the CBT exam.

More than an online video or collection of lecture note pdfs, the Capstone Learning online solution is designed and delivered by applying the highest standards of computer-based adult learning principles and practices. Our curricula combine targeted engineering principles instruction with authentic practice problems and easy-to-follow solution steps to give you the knowledge, tools, and resources, plus the exam expert tutor support you’ll need to pass the FE CBT!

With expert narration augmented by rich instructional graphics; exam approved references; tutor support; fundamental tools and formulas; and best practices for solving problems just like the ones you will encounter during the actual exam, the FE CBT Review Curriculum offers learners a truly authentic, one of a kind, training experience designed for success.

Saudi Council of Engineers Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review

For engineers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Capstone’s SCE specific FE Review curricula provides the elearning modules, live tutor support and detailed problems and solutions you need to pass both parts of the SCE FE exam. You can review the content and enroll in the course aligned to your engineering discipline, by visiting this course catalog page.

Click here to learn more information about the Saudi Council of Engineers FE Exam requirements.


Select the Free Course link above to register and see the Capstone Learning methodology in action. When you’re ready to get started, select the option that best meets your exam preparation needs from the Capstone course Catalog. The Corporate Program link provides information for cost and overhead saving opportunities for enrolling groups of individuals in our comprehensive curricula. Good luck, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and/or suggestions around how we can enhance your exam preparation experience.

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Preparation Packages




Instructional Modules

Review the exam-specific principles, apply the supporting resources and tools, and learn everything you will need to know to solve the Fundamentals of Engineering CBT exam topic questions. This package includes exam-centric contextual knowledge, tutor support from a Professional Engineer and experienced exam instructor, and FE example problems and step-by-step solutions spanning the FE CBT exams.


  • FE Civil
  • FE Mechanical
  • FE Other
  • FE Chemical
  • FE Electrical

Click the Catalog button to view more details about each program.


(FE Core is $299.00)

Solved Problem Sets

Practice solving the same problems you will encounter for FE Civil, FE Mechanical, FE Other, FE Chemical and FE Electrical CBT topics. You'll replicate the exam experience by applying the same resources and tools you'll use when taking the CBT. You can access an FE expert for additional guidance, and step-by-step solutions provide targeted instructions and best practice tips and tricks for solving each exam topic problem.

Click the Catalog button to see detailed topic outlines for each Solved Problem set offering.


Sample Exam and Solutions

Practice taking your exam in the same CBT environment you will experience when you take the actual exam, including the number of problems, weighted to match the latest NCEES exam topic/problem breakdowns.

When you're finished, you can see your score instantly and review your results. Then launch the sample exam solution set for a step-by-step walk-through of each problem on the exam, including expert audio and dynamic solution highlighting.

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FE Exam Free Sample Course

The issue is there are a lot of bad EIT/FE courses that do not prepare you for the actual exam. I paid for one of those bad courses and had to pay for another one on my own. So I am spreading the word about your course so my co-workers do not make the same mistake I did. By the way, I passed the EIT and preparing
to take the PE in

-N.B., San Diego, CA

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