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The issue is there are a lot of bad EIT/FE courses that do not prepare you for the actual exam. I paid for one of those bad courses and had to pay for another one on my own. So I am spreading the word about your course so my co-workers do not make the same mistake I did. By the way, I passed the EIT and preparing
to take the PE in

-N.B., San Diego, CA

About Capstone Learning Associates

Welcome to Capstone Learning, a comprehensive online FE CBT and PE preparation program, where the method for designing and delivering comprehensive examination preparation is as smart as the Professional Engineers and the eLearning experts who developed it.

Each Capstone curriculum maps directly to the topics and problem types that you will encounter on the exam. We currently offer the following exam-based curriculum products:

The Capstone program applies a learning methodology that mirrors the FE and PE exam experiences, combining engineer exam expertise with state of the art eLearning best practices to equip you with the methods, tools, and knowledge you need to successfully pass the FE CBT and PE certification exams.

Click on the Free Review Course link on the right to enroll in our samples courses and see our solution methodology in action. Click The Capstone Difference to see how our solution compares with other review programs. Click Corporate Program to learn how companies and other organizations can receive all of the Capstone advantages while obtaining discounted enrollments and saving on administrative overhead.

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FE CBT Review Curricula

FE Civil

FE Mechanical

FE Other

FE Chemical

FE Electrical

* The common topic areas for all FE Disciplines, including Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Engineering Economics, and Ethics. The five FE Core topics are also included in each of the Capstone FE CBT Curricula.

PE Review Curricula

Mechanical PE

Chemical PE

Civil PE

Electrical PE

Take each course module one time or 100 times, for as long as you need it; Perfect for the FE CBT schedule format, which can now be taken in two-month examination windows, four times per year.

Review for the CBT exam with a curriculum aligned to the CBT exam topics and format.

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, wherever you have access to the Internet.

Get direct responses to any course-specific questions from a certified exam instructor.

Whether you’re a visual or audio learner, the rich instructional graphics and studio quality audio narration accommodate all learning styles.

Manage training costs by purchasing only the content you require to pass the exam.

Discuss exam topics with other engineers taking the exam through a collaboration forum.

Access what you want when you want it, focusing on just the exam topic areas specific to
your exam preparation needs at any given time.

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